The Kopanang Women

Every Kenshi Life Changing Candle directly helps raise funds for the Kopanang women

Every single one of the Kopanang members, even till today, battle with poverty, struggle with sickness and loss, lack of access to adequate housing, education and health care.  Kopanang keeps hope in their hearts for the future.

Kopanang has had no formal funding, but has been blessed with contributions from many supporters around the world.

Support the Kopanang Women in South Africa

KOPANANG’ (a Sotho word meaning, gathering together) is a project located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a community striving towards self-sufficiency against unbelievable odds, through the sale of their uniquely African designs and products.

Donation support through these beautiful Kenshi Candles enables this courageous group of women to continue flourishing in their lives and work.

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