Sell Kenshi Candles

Sell Kenshi Candles

1) Every Kenshi Life Changing Candle funds an incredible 24 meals = 6 packs of quality pasta.

2) There is no risk. You do not handle any money or pay for any candles. You simply display the candles and share the inspiring Kenshi Candle story.

3) Kenshi Candles was created by a 14-year-old boy in Australia wanting to change the world. He has now sold over 25,000 candles and raised huge amounts for many charities.

4) Candles are now hand-poured by refugees from Myanmar who live in Melbourne. This creates desperately needed income.

5) Your staff and clients will love this inspiring story and feel great every time they light their Kenshi Candle.

6) Your employees can access a special ongoing purchase price of just $29.25 per candle. (Standard price is $37.50)

Make A Difference Community is a social enterprise that needs your help. We do not ask for donations. Please sell these amazing Kenshi Life Changing Candles and help us feed every hungry person in Australia forever! Our social enterprise is already buying over 6 tonnes of pasta every month and we need to grow this to at least 50 tonnes.

Pasta is the number one item desperately needed by every Australian food charity. With your help, the Make A Difference Community will make history by supplying so much pasta that we can build a surplus. Any family or charity kitchen can build a meal around pasta!

Please contact us if you want to experiment with just one starter kit of 30 candles.
You will quickly witness the joy these candles create for your employees and clients! There is nothing to lose.

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